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Usage of cookies

When you visit our website, we use something called cookies. In addition to the cookies that we use necessary for the website to function, we use cookies for which we need your consent. 

What is a cookie?

Cookies refer to technical solutions that store information in or retrieve information from your web browser or device, for example to adapt the page to your web browser or to track your movement on the website.

Some cookies are temporary while others are persistent. Temporary cookies, so-called session cookies, are deleted from your web browser when you close it. Persistent cookies are saved during their period for validity. This means that each time you return to our website with the same web browser within the validity period, the cookie's validity period is to be extended. Some of the cookies we use are third-party cookies. These are applied by the companies we collaborate with or purchase services from.

Cookie settings

For us to use other cookies, in addition to the ones necessary for the website to function, we need your consent.

By clicking on Cookie Settings, you will see a summary of all the cookies that we wish to use, in different categories. This information is given in a module. The module also contains information about the function of each cookie. You can decide by yourself which categories of cookies you give your consent to us using. You may also check which consents you may have already given us and withdraw a previously given consent.

If you don’t consent to cookie usage, withdraw a previously given consent, clear your web browser from cookies or use a different web browser compared to previous visits, you will be perceived as a new visitor when visiting the website next time.

For more information on how we process personal data, as cookie management may result in personal data processing, see our Privacy Policy.

The information has been updated 2023-05-23.  

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